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Bespoke Web App Development

We specialise in the design and creation of “Online Designers/Builder” – these are tools that allow customers to design and create something that may have previously only been possible by specialists.

As Website development and eCommerce specialists, we are well placed to consider not only the ROI but also the User Experience and Customer Journey in a way that no other agency can. 

3 Fantastic Projects

Our Work Speaks For Itself (But Let Us Tell You a Little About It Anyway)

We simplify the tools down to their basic components and create something that is both easy to understand and gives the visual feedback required to ensure that an end user is fully aware of what they are buying.

The Fence Calculator

Allowing customers to build their fence, know exactly what they need and with a beautiful 3D render – all lightening fast.

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The Staircase Builder

Staircases look complex and have lots of regulations to consider. We take that out of the equation with our tool and allow customers to quickly design exactly what they need.

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The Glass Panel Configurator

A satisfying drag and drop interface allowing customers to chop and change at a moment’s notice. Simple, satisfying and .. see through?

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Working with Ninja Commerce was a breeze – we outlined our current issues, what we aimed to get out of this and they created something quickly (and cheaply!). Our sales have increased massively as a result.

Jack Kelsall, Switch Stairs Ltd

One thing that continually impresses me about Ninja Commerce is their honest and ethical approach to everything they do. Alex isn’t interested in a quick buck, he always thinks long term – both in his relationships with clients and the strategies he uses for their businesses.

Josh Nicholas,

Beauty is when you can appreciate yourself. When you love yourself, that’s when you’re most beautiful.

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