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Project Description

Crown Darts UK

Crown Darts are a UK-based eCommerce manufacturer of lawn darts. This is a popular garden game and one that was particularly big in the USA in the 70’s and 80’s. Unfortunately, lawn darts were banned from sale in the USA due to safety concerns (although ownership of the darts is still perfectly legal).

Crown Darts have completely redesigned and re-engineered the product, by making it lighter, removing the sharp tip, adding cushioning and improving aerodynamics, all of which makes it much safer than the products sold in the 70’s.

The client came to us because after being in business for over 10 years they felt that a new website was needed.

What We Did

We understood that one of the keys to the success of this business was in communicating the benefits of the product to their target audience. A large part of their income comes from exporting to the USA and Canada and therefore we focused on how we could make the site easier to navigate for those customers.

Keyword Research:
We started by redesigning the product sets, adding a couple of new game set configurations and simplifying the names of the sets to ensure that the wording was in line with what customers were searching for.


New Images:
We also arranged for a photoshoot to improve upon the existing product images and then designed a new site layout using the improved images. It was particularly important that the images made it clear what the customer was buying.

Since lawn darts are not available in the USA, it was important to communicate to US customers that the business both ships to the USA and that Americans are allowed to buy them. We worked with the client to write copy that communicated all of this as effectively as possible.

A New Website:
Finally of course, we designed and built a new website based on all of the work above. We made sure that the new site was more user friendly and easier to use than the previous one and that the buying process was as simple as possible to increase conversions.

The Results

Crown Darts had their most successful summer ever in 2016, and are now planning further improvements ready for next summer. We are now discussing upping the budget on PPC and considering other advertising options to maximise traffic and sales.

Project Details