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Project Description

Currency UK

Currency UK offer foreign exchange services for businesses and individuals, which essentially means that they allow you to buy and sell foreign currencies. Specifically, they do so at a much better rate than you will ever get from a high-street bank.

They have several customer groups, but one of their major customer groups is expats. Expats of course have all sorts of reasons to exchange currencies – it may be a regular payment to or from their home country, or a large one-off payment (say, to buy a property).

Currency UK can save their customers hundreds or even thousands of pounds, so it should be an easy sell. But finance isn’t everyone’s idea of a hot topic, so they came to us looking for help getting the message out.

What We Did

Throughout the project, we have helped in several ways, from user experience analysis (using Analytics and heatmapping software) to navigation planning. But the largest part of the project has been focused on content marketing.

Content Strategy:
First off, we suggested adding an “Expat Resources” section to the site, so that they had a place to offer advice for expats, not just financial tips, but everything and anything that an expat might need. As a business, they have a good understanding of what it’s like to be an expat, so this seemed like a good starting point.

Link Building:
Writing regular blog posts is great, but unless people actually find them, it doesn’t really achieve much, so we launched an outreach link building campaign. The goal wasn’t to force links upon anyone, but to make connections and build relationships with bloggers and relevant websites. Pretty soon, we started finding that a lot of sites were happy to list Currency UK as a relevant resource (after all, they are a useful resource for Expats).

Link Bait:
We didn’t stop there, we also experimented with different types of content and link bait (in moderation) to build relationships. For example, one particularly successful piece we wrote involved interviewing several expat bloggers and putting together a long article full of awesome expat advice. The result was a great blog post for Currency UK, some free publicity for several bloggers and a few new relationships that we could build on in the future.

Social Media:
Social media wasn’t a big part of Currency UK’s marketing strategy previously, but we have taken ownership of the Twitter strategy as a tool for both interacting with their target audience and building relationships with bloggers and web masters.

The Results

We have been working with Currency UK for just over a year and the results have been good. The business itself has gone from strength to strength and their traffic has doubled in that time. The hope is that we can continue to grow traffic at the same rate.

We have had several pieces of content receive links and social shares and we have successfully managed to get several great links from highly relevant expat sites as well as a wealth of Twitter mentions!

Best of all, we have e-met some great people and helped to spread the Currency UK brand to a very relevant audience. Currency UK get a lot of very positive feedback from their customers, so it’s nice to be part of such a valuable service.


Project Details

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