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Project Description

Wardrobes are an incredibly visual product – this tied to the need for a fully controllable online designer provided a real challenge. Many 3D builders used either prerendered graphics, which wouldn’t work for something so bespoke, or a standard 3D engine which slowed down a user’s experience.

This tool is built to allow users to design their dream wardrobe with a simple drag and drop interface – while giving them full control over the dimensions required.

Rather than using a standard 3D engine, we used cutting-edge HTML powered 3D graphics to provide not only a powerful visual, but also an instant experience. No need to wait around for the system to update anymore, everything was there.

The price of the wardrobe is always shown at the bottom of the “designer”. So clients can make changes and see the price change instantly, as well as the renderer visualising it on screen allowing the customer to make a quick decision.

By cutting out the travelling salesmen, prices are far cheaper online and customers don’t feel pressured into purchases and as the company is completely transparent customers have a far more positive view of the company and massively increased online conversions.