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Project Description

For The Fit are a specialist retailer of clothing for Tall Men and for Short Men. They are based in the USA but they ship worldwide and they have a long list of very happy customers.

When they first came to us they were already doing well, but they wanted to know how they could reach more customers and how they could improve their offering to their existing customers. Essentially, they wanted an agency to add a bit of oomph and help take the business to the next level.

We were hired on a full-service eCommerce consulting basis, meaning that everything was within our remit – if it was good for the business, it was fair game!

What We Did

We have been working with now for almost 3 years, and we have done a lot in that time, but here are some of the highlights.

Keyword research:
We brainstormed a target list of important keywords, across all products and categories, we found out how they were already ranking and where there might be opportunities to improve.

A New Website:
We designed and built a new website based on the work above. We made sure that the new site was more user friendly and easier to use than the previous one and that the buying process was as simple as possible. This included improving the site navigation, making the category structure straightforward and generally improving the site functionality so that it was scalable and could meet the growing demands from customers.

On page SEO:
We have made several on page SEO improvements, and this is an ongoing effort. Activities include continuous improvement of content, optimising meta tags for rankings and click through and making sure that headings and content are correctly used.

Navigation analysis:
We have completely revamped the website navigation flow, removing and consolidating categories where needed and we have added product meta data to enable product filters for a more user-friendly search experience. Every product on the site is now reachable within 2 clicks of the home page.

We currently manage several AdWords campaigns and we are continuously optimising for click through and conversions. We have installed Analytics for eCommerce to attain more detailed data for analysis. We are currently exploring social media advertising options to increase our reach further.

New Images: arranged for a photoshoot to give customers a visual stimuli and the new site layout was designed around these improved images.

Content Marketing: 
We wanted to cement FORtheFIT’s position as the go-to provider of clothing for tall and short men and their blog was the perfect way to add value for their customers. We focus on practical and useful style and fashion advice that draws a loyal audience and helps boost our SEO efforts.

So much more:
The great thing about this project is that there is always more to do! We are constantly brainstorming new ways to improve the site and to enhance the user’s experience. It’s fantastic to work with an eCommerce business that cares so much about its customers.

The Results

Well, here’s a testimonial from Connie Bova, the founder of We think it sums up the results sublimely.

“I found Ninja Commerce almost 3 years ago while searching on information and resources on SEO for my firm, Alex (the founder) had several articles ranking at the top of many relevant searches. I read a few and they were great- creative, analytical. Who is this guy?

So I reached out and it was probably one of the wisest things I’ve ever done for my firm. Alex and the Ninja team have become an essential part of our FORtheFIT family. They have assisted with making our site more user-friendly, creating content and helping find ways to invite our customers to interact with our site and products.

They are dedicated and devoted. They work quickly, but meticulously. They are abundantly creative, but never forgoing analytics and practicality. And they have the technical skill necessary to bring their ideas to life. It is such a winning combination and I could not be more pleased.”

Project Details