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Project Description

Grangewood Fencing

Grangewood Fencing Supplies supply…that’s right, you’ve guessed it…wooden fencing and landscaping products. They’ve been providing quality garden fencing to trade, retail and wholesale customers for the past two decades and with six depots, are one of the UK’s largest independent suppliers of fencing materials.

They initially came to us for help increasing their online presence and we have rolled with it from there.

What We Did

We have been working with Grangewood for almost five months now and we have been very busy in that time! Here are some of the highlights.

Keyword research:
We brainstormed a target list of important keywords, across all products and categories, we found out how they were already ranking and where there might be opportunities to improve.

A New Website:
After doing some research, we decided that a new website was in order to improve the UI and UX and help customers find products more easily so we designed and built one. We ensured that the new site was more user-friendly and easier to use than the previous one and that the buying process was as simple as possible. This included improving the site navigation, making the category structure straightforward and generally improving the site functionality so that it was scalable and could meet the growing demands from customers. It was also important to ensure that the products were presented in a clear, easily-understood manner.

On-page SEO:
We have made several on page SEO improvements, and this is an ongoing effort. Activities include continuous improvement of content, optimising meta tags for rankings and click through and making sure that headings and content are correctly used as well as rewriting product names & descriptions.

Social Media Management 
We wanted to ensure that Grangewood’s brand presence was current and active to coincide with the launch of the redeveloped site so we have taken over the management of their Twitter account to post timely and engaging content and to help direct traffic to the site.

Project Details