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Project Description

Iron Fire Furniture

Iron Fire Furniture are a brand new eCommerce business who create heavy-duty and long-lasting industrial-style furniture. Their products have a a unique look and feel and Iron Fire’s brand proposition positions the business as a high-end and luxury business.

As a new eCommerce concept, they came to us when they needed a site to build their product offering around.

Visit the Iron Fire Site Here

What We Did

The project called for us to design and develop a fully-functional and easy-to-navigate eCommerce site that displayed Iron Fire’s products in a way that matched its thematic style.

We made sure that the new site was user-friendly and that the buying process was as simple as possible. This included streamlining site navigation, making the category structure straightforward and also creating product configurators to display the variable product styles.

The site has just been launched and has already received some great feedback so far! Watch this space for further developments.

Project Details