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Hosting & Maintenance

You have your shiny new or updated eCommerce site, now what? At Ninja Commerce, we know that small and medium businesses need a little help with the technical aspects of maintaining your site. That’s why our services and support don’t just end when we’ve designed your site, we’ll also host it for you.

So, if you’re pressed for time, our monthly hosting and website maintenance packages are designed to help you manage your site and give you piece of mind so you don’t have to worry. Here are the packages we offer:

Hosting Packages

Why Use Our Hosting?

eCommerce Website Maintenance

Your website is is obviously your eCommerce business’s most valuable tool, and you’ve no doubt invested time and money in it. At Ninja Commerce, we want to make sure that it continues to feel loved and doesn’t become neglected.

This is because a current, up-to-date website is crucial for engaging customers and maintaining its value. Tired, obsolete on-page copy, broken links, a neglected blog or Twitter profile that hasn’t been updated in a year. Sound familiar? These are all turn offs for potential customers and even Google, and could make them question whether your business is still operational.

With our monthly maintenance package, we can readily create new pages as your business grows, keep your content fresh and ensure your software and plugins are current to ensure the best possible performance for your site.

What’s Included?

  • Weekly backups of your data & website + full recovery in the event of disaster
  • Updates of your plugins and website themes when needed
  • Security updates managed and performed when needed
  • Monthly search engine rank tracking and analytics reports
  • On-page content revisions on demand
  • Minor tweaks to functionality and design as needed
  • Simple social media management (up to two platforms)

As we’re professionals, you don’t have to worry about making silly mistakes that result in downtime or lost data. So relax, your website is in good hands!

*Some sensible limits may apply and larger changes may require additional costs, but we always try to accommodate clients as best we can.

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